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MESON S.R.L. (member of the SANDER Group - MESON SWEDEN) founded in 2006, specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of a wide range of industrial valves made of gray cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel for both domestic and international markets.

In recent years, given the company's experience in the field of metallurgy and due to market requirements, a large share of design and production efforts has been directed to complete the range of fittings with cast steel GP240GH (GSC25). One of the company's objectives is to maintain this direction in the future so that the share of cast products exceeds 40% of total production capacity, except for those that serve the reinforcement segment. The production of underground, above ground and refinery hydrants, foam generators with fixed cover and air cover meet the strict conditions imposed by the laws in force regarding firefighting.

The production activity is 100% integrated, the company having the following basic sectors:

  •  Design department - in which the design and simulation is done with AUTOCAD and SOLIDWORKS programs by specialized and experienced engineers.

  • Mechanical processing section: equipped with both universal machines and specialized machines, numerically controlled machines, where turning, milling, gearing, grinding, drilling, mortising operations are performed. Within the production section, processing can be performed for castings with diameters from DN40 to DN1200

  • Hydraulic testing and assembly section automated fittings testing stands with pressures up to 64 bar - painting workshop equipped with electrostatic painting installation

The company specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of a wide range of types and dimensions of INDUSTRIAL VALVES according to DIN, JIS, ANSI, NFE with various uses in the fields of: adductions and irrigation, water treatment, oil, gas or other weakly corrosive liquids. , seawater, steam, chemicals, solids charged with solid particles, etc., as well as for specific working environments.





Over the years, Meson SRL has continuously improved the design and manufacture of its products, becoming one of the main manufacturers of industrial fittings, most of the production being exploited on the foreign market. Approximately 70% of permanent customers are represented by the foreign market (Germany, France, Bulgaria, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, etc.) and 30% of customers operate on the Romanian market.

We are also present in many other areas, such as:
- food industry
- the pharmaceutical industry
- the sugar industry
- petrochemical industry,
- metallurgical industry, etc.

The good collaboration with clients, suppliers and competitors, care for the members and employees of the SANDER - MESON group, flexibility and prompt response to market demands and changes are some of the principles that underpin our policy and have contributed to strengthening MESON's image on the market