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MESON SRL (member of MESON AB Group) was founded in 2006 and is one of the most important production companies in the country in designing, manufacturing and marketing of industrial valves and hydrants on domestic and foreign markets.

In the 10 years of activity we have diversified our range of products, so we can offer solutions for the following applications: water and sewage treatment, water treatment, oil, gas or other low corrosive liquids, seawater, steam, chemicals, fluids.

The MESON product range also includes hydraulic and pneumatic operating systems, providing packet of valves, operating mechanism and control equipment for customers according to DIN, JIS, ANSI standards that can be adapted to hir requests.



Over the years, Meson SRL, has continually improved the design and manufacture its  products, 

becoming one of the leading manufacturers of industrial valves, most of the production being exploited in foreign markets such as Germany, France, Bulgaria, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, etc.

We are also present in many other areas, such as:
- food industry
- the pharmaceutical industry
- the sugar industry
- petrochemical industry,
- metallurgical industry, etc.

The good collaboration with clients, suppliers and competitors, care for the members and employees of the SANDER - MESON group, flexibility and prompt response to market demands and changes are some of the principles that underpin our policy and have contributed to strengthening MESON's image on the market